How Do I Get a Credit Card Company to Drop a Lawsuit After I’ve Paid Them?

I was sued by a credit card company. I paid the debt before it ever went to court. I have all documentation. I also have documentation that I sent to them that I answered the suit and that it had been paid. The lawyer for the credit card company said they would drop the suit in a matter of days. This has still not happened. I am wondering if I have any legal action against them since they have still not dropped the suit. Read more [...]

What Rights Do I Have at the End of a Common Law Marriage?

I have been in a relationship with a woman for 15 years, and we have often referred to ourselves as married. Our state is a common law marriage state. The problem now is that she has had a change of heart about the relationship and says she wants me to leave "her" house. What I'd like to know is if I really have no rights in the matter, in particular to the house, in spite of having paid for it for so long. Read more [...]

What Questions Should I Ask at a Town Meeting Regarding a Zoning Change?

Property across the street from my home is zoned for single-family homes, although nothing has ever been built on it. The current owner of the property is seeking to change the zoning laws to include residential AND commercial zoning so that live/work structures can be built on it. We are having a town meeting in a couple of days – are there specific questions that I should ask about this application to re-zone? Read more [...]

How Do I Get My Ex Off the Title of the House He and My Father Purchased?

My father purchased a home with my boyfriend at the time. My ex-boyfriend did not equally contribute financially, and now wants us to pay $20,000 for him to give up his share of the property. The plan is to get him off the deed and mortgage and put me on as the co-owner. I was told that the only way to do this is to re-finance. We do not want to sell the house either. I just want to know my options at this point and what he is entitled to. Thanks in advance for your response. Read more [...]

Is There Anything I Can Do to Get My Stolen Dog Back from My Neighbors?

My neighbor stole our dog. The police won't press charges. Is there anything we can do? Read more [...]

Can an Opposing Party Request Discovery on Two Cases at the Same Time?

I'm involved in two cases in California with the same person. The other party had written discovery sent to me addressed to the wrong court with the wrong filing date. The attorney told me that it was for their lawsuit. I responded, because I didn't want a Motion to Compel showing that I didn't answer anything. With every response I stated that I was unclear which court it was for and answered for what could be answered in either of our cases and objected to responses that did not relate to both cases. Some of the questions look more like they are trying to obtain information for the other case. I don't know if it's even valid discovery that they sent since it was addressed to the wrong court (wrong county) with an inaccurate filing date. Can they succeed on a Motion to Compel? Read more [...]