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Can I Get A Restraining Order Against My Ex-Husband’s Girlfriend?

Can I get a restraining order against my ex-husband's girlfriend to not to be around my children? Read more [...]

Can a Man Selling Fake Purses Be Arrested For Having Sex With a Minor in Exchange for a Purse?

A man was selling a variety of items from his hotel room. I found this purse that I liked and the man asked how old I was and I told him I was seventeen. He then offered me the purse in exchange for sex. I agreed because I really wanted it. I returned the next day because I found out the purse was a fake replica of a designer purse and I wanted something else. Can I report him for soliciting a minor? Also, is it even legal for his business to be running? Read more [...]

How Can I Get a Court to Correct a Sentencing Error?

My boyfriend was sentenced to eight years in prison, and a few days after being sentenced the judge reduced the time to five years. This was never changed in the system, he has been in for four years now and we have tried motions and writing the judge. What can we do to get this corrected? Read more [...]

Were My Rights Violated Because I Was Asked to Wait Outside During My Jury Trial and Returned Disheveled?

I was requested to leave my own trial and go outside in cold windy weather and wait! Needless to say when I was called back in my hair was a cold face...which probably prejudiced my appearance to jurors. Was this a violation of my rights? Read more [...]

Am I Required To Install An Ignition Interlock Device If I Don’t Drive?

I got a DUI in Washington state almost 2 years ago. Even though I don't drive or own a car, they told me I still had to apply for an ignition interlock device at the DOL to satisfy that requirement. Read more [...]

Is It Illegal To Participate In Offshore Gambling?

I am resident in Missouri and I was wondering If I could bet on sports on a website based in Canada? Read more [...]