Is My Ex-Partner Entitled to Business Profits?

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Can I Get A Restraining Order Against My Ex-Husband’s Girlfriend?

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Can I Get My Co-Borrower With Bad Credit Off the Mortgage so I Can Refinance?

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If I Sign Over a Sewer Easement to the HOA, Would I Be Giving Up Rights?

A neighbor wants to have the county add a sewer line in their back yard to fix drainage issues. It would connect to the line that runs through my property. In order for the county to move forward, they want me to sign over the right to easement to the HOA. Then going forward the HOA would be required to maintain the lines. Would the easement cause me issues in the future when trying to sell my house? What rights would I be giving up? Read more [...]

Can I Force My Neighbor to Pay Her Share of Necessary Repairs?

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Can a Man Selling Fake Purses Be Arrested For Having Sex With a Minor in Exchange for a Purse?

A man was selling a variety of items from his hotel room. I found this purse that I liked and the man asked how old I was and I told him I was seventeen. He then offered me the purse in exchange for sex. I agreed because I really wanted it. I returned the next day because I found out the purse was a fake replica of a designer purse and I wanted something else. Can I report him for soliciting a minor? Also, is it even legal for his business to be running? Read more [...]