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Can My Neighbor Take Pictures of My Private Property Without My Consent?

Can my neighbor take pictures of my private property which includes my car license plates, garage, and my apartment door? Read more [...]

How Do I Get My Car Back From a Dealer?

I bought a brand new car 3 months ago. After 3000 miles, the transmission went out. The dealer has had the vehicle for over two weeks and I have heard nothing from them. What are my legal rights? Read more [...]

Does the Driver Who Hit and Killed My Dog Have Liability?

If my dog was killed by a car when she was off a leash, does the driver have any responsibility? If my dog was killed by someone driving recklessly, does the driver have any responsibility? Read more [...]

Can I Sue The Mechanic For Failing To Fill My Car With Oil?

I had my oil changed three months ago when my mileage was 189,437. They gave me a sticker saying to change it again 3,000 miles later when reads 192,437. Read more [...]

Can I Legally Keep My Special Needs Daughter’s Property?

I live in PA and have a 23-year-old special needs daughter. The lease for her computer is in her name and I am making the payments. She brought the computer to my house and was leaving it because the woman she is living with keeps threatening to keep her computer. Can I keep it? Read more [...]

I Accidentally Ran Over a Dog. Can I Sue the Owner for Damages to My Car?

I hit a dog on my way home from work. The dog ran across the road. The dog was slightly hurt and the owner picked it up and carried it to the sidewalk. The dog was carried home by the owner. My car was damaged and it is in need of repair as a result of hitting the dog. Who is at fault? There is a leash law in town. What do I do? Read more [...]