If I Sign Over a Sewer Easement to the HOA, Would I Be Giving Up Rights?

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A neighbor wants to have the county add a sewer line in their back yard to fix drainage issues. It would connect to the line that runs through my property. In order for the county to move forward, they want me to sign over the right to easement to the HOA. Then going forward the HOA would be required to maintain the lines. Would the easement cause me issues in the future when trying to sell my house? What rights would I be giving up? Thanks!

Great questions.  You’ll need to read the actual easement document, of course, but typically a sewer easement mostly restricts your ability to build structures in that area.  Depending on where it is on your property, physically, that may not be much of a downside. You can also expect to be giving the HOA the right to come on the property to maintain the sewer line, but that is probably a net benefit to you, too.  Somebody’s got to pay to clear the line, and better them than you. In short, investigation is warranted, but if it’s not in the way of any of your building plans, it’s probably a good deal from your perspective.