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Is Corporal Punishment Still Permitted In Florida Public Schools?

Can a teacher in the state of Florida chose to use push-ups as a form of punishment on a student if it is a public school? Read more [...]

How Can I Challenge My Teacher’s False Accusations?

While working on a science worksheet, I noticed no one had been working on the building for our earthquake-proof design. Read more [...]

I Complained to School About a Substitute Teacher Taking Pictures of My Child for Personal Use, and Now She is Harassing Me at Work, What Can I Do?

Substitute teacher took pictures of my child at school for personal reasons. I filed a complaint with the school board. They told her last Thursday she was "blocked" from subbing and she came straight from the school board office to my job, showed them my complaint (which she should not have a copy of), some print outs of my old Facebook pages and tried to tell them I was doing this on company time and wanted them to term me. Read more [...]

Do Schools Have to Provide Seating for All Students in the Cafeteria?

My high school cafeteria only seats about a quarter of the students and the rest of us are forced to sit on the floor in the hallways, which seems to be a fire hazard. Are schools required to provide enough seating for their students? Read more [...]

Can a School Limit what my Child Brings for Lunch Because Another Child has Food Allergies?

My 16 year old son, born with Down Syndrome, was asked not to bring his peanut butter sandwich to school because a fellow student (17 years old) has peanut allergies. Why can't the student with allergies eat elsewhere? Why is my son forced to change or eat elsewhere due to the other student's needs? Read more [...]

What Type of Lawyer Would I Need If I Intend to Bring a Civil Lawsuit Against my University?

Can you tell me what type of lawyer might take on a civil case I would like to bring against the university I have attended. The case concerns gross lack of professionalism on the part of a key professor in the music department, which was reported to the administration with no results. Read more [...]