Is Corporal Punishment Still Permitted In Florida Public Schools?

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Can a teacher in the state of Florida chose to use push-ups as a form of punishment on a student if it is a public school?

It may surprise many people, but Florida is one of several states that still allow corporal punishment in public schools. Depending on the circumstances, push-ups may be considered corporal punishment under Florida laws. If they are corporal punishment, then the teacher or administrator can only use them if the school principal has provided guidelines on the use of such punishment. The teacher or administrator can only administer the punishment in the presence of another adult, and the parent is entitled to a written explanation of the reasons for the punishment upon request. Of course, in some circumstances, such as in sports, some push-ups for infractions of rules may not be considered corporal punishment. If a parent has a concern, he can speak with the school principal regarding the guidelines in place. A local attorney can advise the parent as to the possibility of a criminal or civil suit against the school or school official.