Do Schools Have to Provide Seating for All Students in the Cafeteria?

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‘Hello, thank you for your time. It will be very helpful. My question is if a High School is required by law to provide enough seating during lunch for the whole school? I ask because my High School cafeteria fits about a fourth of my school, the rest of us are forced to sit on the floor in the tiled hallways. Not only does this seem to go against school regulations but it forms a crazy fire hazard as all the students sit on the floor in the main tiled hallway.’

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I am unaware of any law that says that a school must provide adequate seating, but there *are* laws dealing with permissible occupancy and, as you mention, fire hazards. Your best bet would probably be to talk with a local fire chief to ask for guidance as to whether the situation you describe is, in fact, a fire hazard, and what can be done about it.

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