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Does the Driver Who Hit and Killed My Dog Have Liability?

If my dog was killed by a car when she was off a leash, does the driver have any responsibility? If my dog was killed by someone driving recklessly, does the driver have any responsibility? Read more [...]

Can I Sue The Used Car Dealer For Fraud?

I need advice on my case dealing with a fraudulent car dealer. I bought a used car from a used car dealer. The car was supposed to be delivered to me by the dealer. The documents which I got - the title and the odometer reading statement listed about 150k miles mileage and the checkbox which says that the odometer reading is not the actual mileage (odometer discrepancy) was not checked. Read more [...]

Do Police Reports Establish Fault Regarding Car Accidents?

I was driving onto the ramp on a highway during early morning rush hour (bumper to bumper). As I approached the highway with my left signal flashing, the cars were so backed up I could not safely merge. Read more [...]

Am I Liable for the Lawn Mower Expenses?

Thank you for your time in addressing my situation. I was recently served a civil paper in regard to a riding lawn mower I sold. The mower was sold with no warranty even though we never put that into writing. The sale was made several months ago. I delivered the mower and showed how it operates and runs to the buyer before they made the purchase. Two months later they send me information stating the mower is not running and wish a refund. I let them know the mower was sold with no warranty and was theirs but I was willing to come by and assist them if possible to get it running. I was able to meet them only once and they left the key on so the battery was dead when I got there. I do not believe I am liable for the return of monies because they now can not get the mower to start. Can you advise me if I am incorrect in this belief. Thank You. Read more [...]

Is the Mechanic Responsible for My Daughter’s Accident?

My daughter brought her car into a new and used car dealership where she bought the car from for service. She had her car's oil changed, tires rotated & balanced and certified, and the car detailed - we have a receipt stating this work was done and that the tires were certified. She picked it up at end of day and started out of dealership to drive home. She felt thumping in a tire but thought it was perhaps just the road. She proceeded to drive onto the interstate highway and when she got 2 miles down the road, she skidded off the road and spun around stopping in a ditch. Fortunately she is fine and except for her car rim (wheel) and an expensive tire. The dealer had the car towed there last Read more [...]

Who is Liable if My Underage Daughter Gets in a Car Wreck if She Drives While With Her Other Parent?

I have full custody of my fifteen year old daughter. When she is with the other parent, she is allowed to drive their car without insurance. If she is in a wreck who will be liable? Read more [...]