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I Traded My Vehicle in For a New One but the Dealer Didn’t Pay Off My Other Loan and it Defaulted.

I have purchased a vehicle thru a used car dealer while trading in a vehicle. Per contract I traded in $18,500.00 worth of vehicle. The dealer put 3k of the my $18,500.00 towards a new loan on my new used car vehicle purchase which leaves a balance of $15,500.00. The loan payoff on my trade in was $12,600.00. Read more [...]

Does Driver Owe Tree Trimmer a New Chain Saw for Running His Over?

My neighbor across the street was having some trees trimmed by a small family run trimming company. The guy had just started working while I was working on my vehicle. He had dropped a few smaller branches when I was ready to back out of my driveway and leave the house, I noticed that some of the branches were still out in the street. I proceeded to back out and avoid the branches and his truck, I did not however see that his chain saw was set on the ground next to the branches in the street about about 3-4 feet from curb behind the tailgate of his truck. Read more [...]

My Wife Was At Fault in an Auto Accident. Can I be Held Financially Responsible?

My wife was at fault in an auto accident and a civil case is pending. Is my paycheck at risk? Read more [...]

Another Driver Hit Our Car Six Months Ago and Still Refuses to Pay. Is it Too Late to Sue Him?

Another driver hit my wife's car six months ago. He suggested she go to his buddy for the repair and insurance information was never exchanged. Both an initial quote from another repair shop and his buddy's quote were much higher than he anticipated and he avoided our calls for months. We finally got in touch with him and he's saying now that it's been too long and doesn't want to take responsibility. What recourse do we have? Read more [...]

I Was Pulled Over With No Insurance and a Suspended License. What Should I Do?

I failed to pay my car insurance and as a result, my license was suspended. I was recently pulled over and my car was impounded and I was fined. What should I do? Read more [...]

My Used Car is Online for a $1000 Less than the Price I Bought it, Am I Entitled to this Money if I Already Signed the Loan Contract?

We got a used van from a dealership under their auto financing. When we got home, my wife happened to looked for our van in the dealerships website inventory. She found out the price of the car was $1,000 less from what we have paid for. I know I'm somewhat at his mercy for I already signed the loan contract, is there a way I can demand this 1,000 dollars be deducted from my purchase price? Read more [...]