My Car was Damaged at the Dealership while Receiving Repairs, What Recourse do I Have?

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“I just returned from the Saab dealer with a rental car, because while I was waiting for some repairs to be completed on my 2005 Saab-like new, an employee in the shop (shop tech I assume) backed into my car (passenger front side) with another car. The manager came over to inform me of the bad news, he told me they would repair it at their body shop with new parts, paint etc, it should take about 3-4 days and would give me a loaner car, so I left my car there at the dealership.

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What recourse if any do I have?”

What recourse do you want?

Ordinarily, your recourse would be to have the shop “make you whole” again, meaning that they would fix your car at no charge to you and, ideally, provide you with a car to use while they are fixing your car. At this point you are essentially made whole, in that you are right back where you started – you have your car back, fixed, and you have not had to spend anything either to get it fixed, or to rent a car while they are fixing it.

They are already doing this.

What more do you want?

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