I Lost my Driver’s License Years Ago in Indiana, Can I Now Apply for a Drivers License in South Dakota?

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“In 1997 I surrendered my Driver License to Indiana DMV due to a DUI. I have never asked for reinstatement of that license. I now want to apply for a SD Driver License. Where to I start? I have written to Indiana DMV and the Reinstatement Branch in Indianapolis and have had NO response from either. I have called Indiana DMV but my calls have NEVER been returned. I think I need to reinstate the Indiana License (which is expired by now) and pay the fee for doing same but I can NOT find anyone to send me the forms or contact me at all.”

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By “SD” I assume you mean South Dakota, and I further assume that you now live in South Dakota.

You should either make an appointment with the South Dakota DMV, or, if they don’t make appointments, just go down there, and talk to someone in person. Going to the DMV is the best way to get the ball rolling and find out what South Dakota will require from you. If they require that you reinstate in Indiana first, they may be able to help you figure out how to do that. If nobody can help you with that, then have someone you know in Indiana go down to the Indiana DMV in person and ask them what you need to do.

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