My Used Car is Online for a $1000 Less than the Price I Bought it, Am I Entitled to this Money if I Already Signed the Loan Contract?

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“We got a used van from a dealership under their auto financing. When we got home, my wife happened to looked for our van in the dealerships website inventory. She found out the price of the car was $1,000 less from what we have paid for. Though the dealer helped us getting the loan and with “zero downpayment” inspite of our limited credit history ( we just came to the US a year ago under a work visa ), I still feel I got robbed of that thousand bucks. Instead of giving us a discount, he padded the price then charged us a 15.2% APR.

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I know I’m somewhat at his mercy for I already signed the loan contract, is there a way I can demand this 1,000 dollars be deducted from my purchase price?”

It’s hard to say without more information – and depending on what state you are in. In some states the dealer may have been obligated to honor the advertised price – although you didn’t know about it, which may also factor in. Your best bet would be to speak with either an attorney, or, if your state has one, a consumer rights hotline. Even if you have to pay a small fee for a consultation with an attorney, if it recoupes you $1000 it may be worth it.

But before you do anything, you should take a screenshot of the website while the lower price for the van is still up there, so that you have proof.

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