What to Do About Incident at Babysitter’s House

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“If an incident occurred at the babysitter’s house with my daughter could they take her children from her?”There is entirely too little information here to be able to give you a useful answer. Do you mean that your daughter is grown, and there was an altercation between her and the babysitter, and can they take your daughter’s children away? Or do you mean that your daughter is a child, there was an incident at the babysitter’s with your child, and can they take the babysitter’s children away from her? And, is that the result you are seeking? Again, there is just too little information.

Question: I’m going to assume, however, that you mean that your daughter is a child, that there was an incident at the babysitter’s involving your daughter, and now you either are worried, or hope, that they will take the babysitter’s children away.Without having any idea what “the incident” was, whether it was an accident, or something done on purpose, again, it is impossible to say.

But all that said, if something has happened to your child, and if you believe that it was either an avoidable accident, or something intentional, you should find another babysitter. If you believe that other children are in jeopardy by being at the babysitter’s house, you should report it.

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