Can I Make the City Pay for Rat Problem They Caused?

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“The town in which I live has recently renovated a ball & track field behind our house. In doing so they have caused the local rat problem to seek shelter else where. I have a pick up truck idle in my driveway. It needs some repair so I took it off the road. My question is that my truck is now a home to rats and mice. I recently found a rat fried on the engine of one of my other vehicles. Do I have any recourse with the city?”Even if you did have any recourse against the city, which you probably don’t, it is likely that the cost to get there would be far more than the cost of either calling in an exterminator or self help in this situation.

Question: That said, many cities have a pest abatement program, for which they don’t charge their residents. Try calling your city’s pest abatement program if they have one, explain the situation (without accusatory tones), and you may end up with the resolution you really want anyways.

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