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Does a Building Permit Issued By a Municipality Constitute a Legal Contract?

Does a building permit issued by a municipality constitute a legal contract for the building inspector and municipality to require any state or federal building codes be followed by the licensed builder as building progresses? Read more [...]

Can Code Enforcement Demand a Vehicle Not be Parked in Private Driveway?

I have a rare vehicle parked in my driveway. I am in the process of restoring it. the driveway is behind my house on an alley. the car is not visible from the street. The code enforcement guy is trying to say that it is a public nuisance. I very much disagree. Is not my driveway considered my curtilage? Does the city have the right to look inside or otherwise open or demand inspection of the locked car on my premises without a warrant? At what point does my right to privacy become violated here? Read more [...]

Is it Legal to be Charged for Water Service That Has Been Disconnected?

I disconnected water service at a vacant property but am still being charged. Can the city do this? Read more [...]

If Floodwaters Carried Trees I’d Cut Down River, Am I Responsible For the Clean Up?

I cut dead trees on my property and before they could be hauled away, flood waters carried them downstream. The city told me it is my responsibility to clean them up. Is this accurate? Read more [...]

Can I Sue the City for Their Having Provided Misinformation to our Contractor?

The City told my excavating contractor that my sewer was located in the front of my house, a day and a half was wasted digging. Eventually the sewer was located at the back of the house, and eventually the sewer was replaced at my expense. Can I sue the City for the amount of time that was wasted because the contractor was misinformed? Read more [...]

Can I Have My Medicare Eligibility Re-evaluated Due to Loss of Child Support?

Can I have my eligibility for Medicare re-evaluated based on the loss of child support and the fact that I cannot work? Read more [...]