What Should I Do About My Outstanding Warrant? – Dear Esq.

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I go to school in a small town in Arkadelphia, Arkansas and I got an FTA warrant because my stepmom’s debit card didn’t go through. Last time they checked, I owed the fee/fine of $145 and a bails bondsman of $315 which is $460 total, but all I would have to do is fingerprints and it would be removed. This is my first time offense. What should I do?

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Consulting with a criminal defense attorney would be your best option. Generally, it is best to address an outstanding warrant. If you do not, you could be arrested years from now from a simple traffic stop. With that said, you would be wise to get the advice of an attorney prior to appearing at the courthouse to ensure you understand what you are facing and how to protect your rights. If you do happen to be arrested and charged when you appear at the courthouse, you will be assigned an attorney if you cannot afford one.

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