Is My Neighbor Technically Trespassing On My Property?

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I live in a resident owned community, which is also a mobile home park. Does another resident have the right to put signs up on my fence? The fence is mine, it’s not a permanent fixture, and it’s also on the lot that I pay for monthly. The park is also private property. Thank you!

Generally speaking, other people don’t have the right to use your personal property (for example, by putting signs up on it). The property is on your lot (which means they’re also trespassing in order to put the sign there) and is not shared with a neighbor (who might have given permission).

I would therefore assume that this person is not allowed to do this, until proven otherwise. Ask whether the other resident believes she’s allowed to do this, and if so, why. There may be a reason neither of us are thinking of, and if not then the discussion is over.