Sister Named Executor of Will and is Not Following Will

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“This property is in Lee County Alabama.  My sister was named the executor and has moved onto the property despite the will stating to sell, divide share equally, per stripes.  She’s declaring that since I have not paid toward a $600 yearly property tax bill that I am not entitled to my portion of the inheritance.  Is she just blowing smoke, or will I ultimately be entitled to my portion.  There are six children involved, and to my knowledge she has bought the others out, whether legally or just a gentleman’s agreement, I am not sure.  Please advise, and no, I have received no legal documentation demanding that I pay toward this property.  My opinion is that she’s living on it, she owes me rent for having trees cut down and not sharing any of my mother’s things, nick nacks, pictures, nothing.”

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Was a probate opened?  If so, you should be getting official notices from the court and have an opportunity to object to any inappropriate actions your sister is taking.  If not, you may want to look into opening a probate yourself, either to gain that oversight or to have someone else named as executor.

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