What Rights Does Father Who Evicted His Pregnant Girlfriend Have?

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“I’m currently almost eight months pregnant. When I was five months pregnant the child’s father broke up with me and kicked me out his house. Since then I moved to another state with family, now my question is: as much I don’t want him in her life because of all the stress he caused me (I could have miscarried), if we go to court, what type of visitation rights might he get being he lives in a different state?”

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Visitation schedules are unique to the needs of the parties.  If the distance is an issue, a court could schedule less frequent but longer term visits (dividing custody by the school year, for example), or if distance is less of an issue, visitations can multiple times per week. It sounds like you may have concerns about the father’s ability to parent, and if this is the case, contact a family law attorney in your jurisdiction to guide you through the custody proceedings and ensure everything goes smoothly.

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