Can Ex Demand Court Proceedings if Non-Custodial Parent Doesn’t Pay Half of College Tuition?

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“Does the Support order ruled in Indiana (until the age of 21) remain the same if the child (3 children in this case) hasn’t lived in Indiana for almost 10 years?  Meaning, is it still ruled until the age of 21?  Custodial Parent moved to Michigan in 2002.

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Also, one child is going to a Major University for a “Medical” degree in the fall, in Michigan of course.  We were told and Custodial Parent has threatened Court proceedings if we do not pay for at least half, and maybe more of all College expenses on top of Child Support.  This is not in the divorce decree by the way.  Non-Custodial parent still resides in Indiana with limited visitation, due to Custodial Parent prevention.

From what I understand, Michigan does not require until the age of 18, nor require Non-Custodial Parents pay for College.”

Unless specifically put in the court order, support generally ends at 18.  Or, if child is still in high school then when child graduates from high school or turns 19, whichever comes later (i.e. if child turns 19 and still hasn’t graduated, support still ends).  While college tuition is not generally included in the child support mandates, it is possible, as you stated, that it is part of the divorce decree.

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