Apartment Complex Moved Security Gate, What Rights do Tenants Have?

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“We live in a upscale apartment complex in Virginia. We moved in to the complex 5 months ago and one the reasons for our choice was because the parking and building entrance were secure. The parking was gated with a key fob entry and the building entrance was behind this gate with a entry door that uses the same key fob.

This week the complex moved the security gate up a level in the parking structure. Because of this the entry to the building is no longer behind the security gates, so walking from my car to the entrance is no longer “secure”. What rights do I have?”

Read your documents.  Is there anything in there that guarantees secure parking?  Do you have any documentation that you moved in because of the secure parking?  If you do, then you can probably hold the complex to keeping their promise.  If they didn’t promise you anything, then you’re going to have an uphill battle, to say the least.