Is Ex-Wife Still Entitled to Alimony if Ex-Husband Remarries?

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“Can an ex-wife still get alimony if her ex-husband has a baby with his girlfriend and eventually marries his girlfriend?

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My boyfriend is getting a divorce from his wife and he doesn’t want anything such as the house, items within it, etc. He just simply wants to end the marriage so he can start a new life with me and marry me someday.  She is currently collecting a ridiculously large amount of money from him.  She only works part time and is capable of working full time, but is lazy and just wants to live off his money.  I am currently pregnant with his baby and we’re hoping that when the divorce is final, she won’t get any more support or will be, at the very least, cut down to less of an amount once our baby is born.”

Each state has a different time periods for alimony payments, a few terminate when the ex-spouse receiving support remarries and can go as long as that ex-spouse lifetime.  There is likely a court order that shows the exact terms of the support payments, as they are unique to each situation.  Contact a family law attorney in your jurisdiction to help clarify the situation.

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