Our Builder is Changing the Plans of the Home they’re Building for Us, Is there any Way to get Out of Our Builder Contract?

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“I have signed a contract with a national builder last October and my house is one of the last two to be built in this phase (first out of three). I received a letter from the builder saying that, county forced them to change blueprints and my house is losing two windows in the living room. Now all other houses are built with having the option of those windows. but not my house..

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First I think the light is very important in my home and don’t want to lose the windows. Second, other houses might have them. Model home has them but not mine. I think it might impact our selling home years down the track. Since the design isn’t what we want anymore is there a way to get out of builder contract?”

You’d have to look at the terms of the contract itself. If it provides for what happens in the event of a forced change in plans, then you’re stuck with what you agreed to.

If the contract is silent on this point, you could certainly make an argument that you are no longer getting the house that you bargained for, and some discussions with the builder on that point might prove successful.

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