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How Do I Get a Credit Card Company to Drop a Lawsuit After I’ve Paid Them?

I was sued by a credit card company. I paid the debt before it ever went to court. I have all documentation. I also have documentation that I sent to them that I answered the suit and that it had been paid. The lawyer for the credit card company said they would drop the suit in a matter of days. This has still not happened. I am wondering if I have any legal action against them since they have still not dropped the suit. Read more [...]

Can I Be Charged With Theft for Being Late on My Car Payment?

I am barely a month late on my payments and am being told the sheriff is going to be contacted. Can I be charged with theft? The dealer is saying he won't accept any more payments. Can he do this? Read more [...]

How Do I Get My Car Back From a Dealer?

I bought a brand new car 3 months ago. After 3000 miles, the transmission went out. The dealer has had the vehicle for over two weeks and I have heard nothing from them. What are my legal rights? Read more [...]

How Can I Save My Home In Bankruptcy?

I just had a question regarding filing bankruptcy. Is it a bad thing if you have unsecured cards as part of your bankruptcy and those cards are, say, with Wells Fargo, and at the same time one's mortgage is also with Wells Fargo? Read more [...]

Can I Sue The Used Car Dealer For Fraud?

I need advice on my case dealing with a fraudulent car dealer. I bought a used car from a used car dealer. The car was supposed to be delivered to me by the dealer. The documents which I got - the title and the odometer reading statement listed about 150k miles mileage and the checkbox which says that the odometer reading is not the actual mileage (odometer discrepancy) was not checked. Read more [...]

Will I Violate The Court Order If I Transfer Money From My Bank Account?

I received a letter from the court about my account stating that: "Upon receipt of this notice, you are prohibited from removing for attempting to remove the money, property, or credits until expressly permitted by the court. Read more [...]