My Teenage Daughter is Pregnant and Her Mother is Taking her out of State, Can the Baby be Placed for Adoption Without my Consent?

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“i have a 14 yr old daughter that is pregnant and her mother is moving her to another state without my consent. we were never married and have never been to court concerning custodial rites, can this unborn child be placed for adoption without my consent? i found out about the move from a friend of my daughter and told the mother that i do not agree to this move. i’m greatly concerned for my daughter’s health & welfare in this delicate situation. thank you”

Question: As a grandparent you would generally not be able to block a child from placing their child (the grandchild) up for adoption. The only way you will have any say may be to file a paternity action, and gain custody over your daughter. You still will likely not be able to stop the adoption but you may be able to block or delay the move out of state. You will be required to pay child support.