I Feel that the Condo (Home Owner’s) Association Selectively Enforces it Rules, What Can I Do?

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“When a Condo Association will only selectively enforce its own rules, what recourse do I have when renters continue to ignore the association rules?

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I live in a Condominium and I am having trouble with renters not abiding by the associations rules. The renters are running in the hallways, which causes loud noises and vibrates our walls that face the hallway. The association is saying that since we are it only ones that are complaining, that is doesn’t happen many times a day and that the only happens in the daytime, that they will no longer try to control the renters behavior. This has been going on for over 2 years. What recourse do we have to reclaim our peaceful living environment?”

There are a number of possible answers, and the first thing you’ll need to do is look over your condo’s documents. There is likely to be some sort of enforcement mechanism in place in the documents, whether by appeal or filing a lawsuit or both.

You could also go the political route, and try to get new people (possibly yourself included) on the condo board who will enforce these rules differently.

You could talk to the owners of the rented units and let them know that their tenants are causing a problem.

There are probably other ways to deal with this issue, as well.

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