My Home was Sold Although I’m Sending Payments, How can I get my House Back?

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“My house was sold and I feel it was wrong. I have my receipts for all my payments I had been given a sale date for May which they said it was cancelled . I called this morning to make sure my payments were posted (sent via western union) it was then that I found out my house was sold . I have not stopped sending payments We have been struggling to catch up because 1month after moving in my company closed moved and laid everybody off. Do I have any rights? This is my childrens home we worked so hard to get it . At this point I don?t care if I have to buy it back. Please let me know what I should or could do.”Contact an attorney. Immediately.

Question: Depending on the specific facts of your situation, you may have the right to have the sale reversed, or to “redeem” (buy back) the property. You may not have such a right, but if you do, there is a time limit on it. Plus, the new owners are probably preparing to start eviction proceedings, so the sooner you act, the better.