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Whose Insurance Company is Responsible for an Employee Hurt During Work Hours but Off School Premises?

Whose insurance company is responsible in the following event? A school rented a building from a resort for a class. When class was dismissed for the evening, the assistant in the class fell down the stairs leading from the building and broke her arm. The director of the resort said I should contact my insurance company first. Who is responsible for the doctor bills? Read more [...]

Is My Insurer Responsible for Helping With Accidental Damage I Caused My Neighbors?

A spark from a fire I thought was out accidentally caused damage to my neighbor's garden. My homeowners insurer is taking their time getting back to me and in the meantime, the neighbors have taken liberties with the repairs and billed me for what I think is an excessive amount. How should I take care of this? Read more [...]

Who is Responsible for Paying Insurance Back-Pay in a Custody Situation?

If I take my child's father to court for child support, would he have to pay insurance back-pay or am I also responsible for paying? Read more [...]

If Floodwaters Carried Trees I’d Cut Down River, Am I Responsible For the Clean Up?

I cut dead trees on my property and before they could be hauled away, flood waters carried them downstream. The city told me it is my responsibility to clean them up. Is this accurate? Read more [...]

My Ex Just Submitted Four Year Old Medical Bills for Our Son. Can She Do That?

Recently my ex submitted medical bills for our son going back four years. Is there a statute of limitations she is breaking? Read more [...]

Issues With Disability Insurance

My husband is a former driver for UPS of 10 years. He is very depressed and his primary care physician asked why he isn't on disability for depression and pace maker. I didn't think you could get disability for these reasons? Is it possible? Read more [...]