My Home Inspection Failed to Give a Proper Assessment of my Property, Is there Anything I can do?

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“I bought a house 2 years ago, first time buying a house. And in the inspection of the house it stated that the roof on the house was 2 years old, which I found out I need a complete new roof after getting an estimate on the roof it has 4 layers of shingles which is a fire hazard, also the basement leaks, and backs up, the wiring in the house is faulty, I have carpenter ants. Both of the sinks in the house has broken and fallen off the wall, because they were not properly put up. Basically I got stuck with a lemon. Is there anything that I can do.”

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Contact a real estate attorney. The situation you are describing sounds like a typical “failure to disclose” case, where the seller knew of hidden defects in the property and did not tell you.

Be aware, however, that if the defects could have been discovered by inspection, then you generally can’t hold the seller responsible.

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