How Can I Prevent Trespassers From Coming Onto My Property?

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I live on a street with a Cul-de-sac, in the county of San Luis Obispo,CA. The neighbors and their visitors across from me continually use my driveway to turn around. I have asked them to stop but to no avail. What would you recommend as a proper procedure at this point?

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As a general matter, your driveway is part of your property, and neither the public nor your neighbors have the right to use it to drive on (at least the part that isn’t in a public right-of-way). However, as a practical matter, it’s difficult to police this. Particularly in narrow or crowded streets, people use driveways (or parts of driveways) in order to make a safe turn.

If you’ve already talked to your neighbor about this, I would consider putting up a gate. Whatever legal remedies you may have would a) antagonize your neighbor, and b) require constant vigilance on your part.

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Author: House Attorney