Can we do a Notice of Publication to Null/Void Family Rights on Deed?

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“My father-in-law is trying to complete a quit deed in Florida with a family member in New York.  The family member has received the paperwork, but is giving us the run around about sending the paperwork back so we can have it processed.  He is trying to have some work done on his home (the mortgage and bills on which he makes all the payments), and the county we live in needs to have who ever is on the deed to sign the paperwork so the house can be repaired. Is there a way that we can possibly do a notice of publication that will null/void the family rights on the deed so we can have this taken care of?  Or what can we do to remove their name off the deed?  We just want to get the home repaired; my father-in-law is an elder so we are trying to help him. Thanks In Advance, Concerned Daughter-In-Law.”

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If you can pressure him to sign, that’s most likely your best option.

If you have some grounds to get this distant relative off the title, you can file a lawsuit for quiet title.  That can be a fairly long and expensive process, but it also means it’s a big pain for the distant relative (and therefore incentive for him to sign off).  If you don’t have any such grounds–if you’re just asking him to voluntarily get off title for everyone’s convenience–then you’re most likely going to have to wait for him.

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