Can My Employer Force Me to Resign Because I Will Not Take a Transfer to Another Location?

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“Can my employer force me to resign because I will not take a transfer to another location? I take care of my elderly mother and this would cause hardships to my family.”

Your employer can force you to resign or ultimately fire you, with cause, if you refuse to transfer to another location either temporarily or permanently. Depending on your state labor laws, it may be easier for your employer to fire you if the state is an “at will employment” state. Unfortunately, declining to take available work offered by your company (even if that means relocating) may also affect your ability to collect unemployment benefits if they decide to fire your or you’re otherwise forced to resign. You should discuss your situation with your employer and see if there are any alternative positions you can fill at your current location, or if they would be willing to provide relocation costs associated with moving your mother.