Can I Sue My Coworker For Tampering With My Voice Messages?

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I have a fellow co-worker who has tampered with my telephone messaging system. It has rendered me unable to retrieve my work messages. Do I have any legal standing against this?

Because the tampering has been done to your work telephone messaging, your best resolution would probably be from your employer. Check with your employer regarding their process for filing a complaint. If you can prove specific damages, such as disciplinary action against you or a loss of a contract, you may be able to file a suit against your co-worker. A civil litigation attorney will be able to look at all of the surrounding facts and advise you as to what, if any, lawsuit would be appropriate. If you are a member of a protected class, and your co-worker is harassing you based upon this designation, you may have an employment discrimination claim. An employment attorney can advise you under that circumstance. Whether this is a tort or an employment issue, it’s important to report the problem to your employer and allow them to attempt to resolve the issue.