Will My Name Change Request Be Rejected?

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When filling out Name Change forms, there’s a section asking for the reason for the change of name. There’s enough space for a paragraph. How detailed does it really need to be? If the reason for the change of name is simply that the subject’s legal name doesn’t match what they’re called and that they’re dissatisfied with their current legal name, is it enough to say ‘Dissatisfied with current name’ ? Or does that lead to the forms possibly being rejected?

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Name changes are generally only rejected when their purpose is malicious, such as to avoid creditors or attempt to take on the name of another. If you currently go by another name, you can simply state that, or use a phrase like “common usage.” You can explain more, if you wish, but it is generally not necessary. Remember that anything you state must be true to the best of your knowledge.

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Author: House Attorney