As a 16 Year Old, Is it Possible for my Father to Give Child Support Directly to me?

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“I am 16 years old. My parents divorced when I was 3 or 4 and my mom always gets child support from my dad on time. I live my mom, her boyfriend and my 8-year-old brother, who also get’s child support from my mom’s second husband (now ex.) My mom went back to college four years ago to get her doctorate degree and funds have been short ever since. However, I recently discovered that between my dad and my brother’s dad, my mom is getting $900 dollars in child support every time. I can safely assume that at least half of this is from my dad, at the very least, because he has a good paying job and my brother’s dad works a low-paying job. However, whenever I ask my mom for something, she says we don’t have any money. The only thing she pays for me is food. I pay for all clothes, shoes, and anything else I need with money from my job or birthday/Christmas money from other relatives. Since I am sure I do not eat $450 in food, where is the rest of the money going? My dad also pays for my insurence, driving lessons, etc. I also do not get allowance. All of my friends with divorced parents get their child support themselves. Is there someway I could do this? Please help.”

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Usually support goes to the custodial parent, and that parent decides how to spend the money. If you were out on your own, you’d also have to pay rent and utilities and the cable bill and garbage and water and phone and every other bill. So maybe the money is going to some of these things. As long as you are living under your mother’s roof, I am not aware of any way that she can legally be compelled to simply turn child support checks over to you.

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