Can I take out a Life Insurance Policy for my Ex Without her Consent?

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“I just wanted to know if I can put life insurance on my ex-wife without her consent?”

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If you have an insurable interest (i.e. receipt of support) you may be able to obtain an order that wife maintain you on a policy of insurance. Absent a Court order, you would generally need the consent of the insured person in order to take out a policy of insurance on their life. Laws vary from state to state in this regard, so check it out with your local attorney or insurance agent. It may be possible to get her to agree to a small policy for her (it’s “free to you ex babe!”), while at the same time getting her to agree for a larger policy for which you are the beneficiary. This sounds like a plot for a Hitchcock movie, and it is appropriate that I answered this question on Halloween.

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