Will My Car Insurance Policy Cover Personal Property Damage?

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I was talking to my neighbor today. As I was driving away she sneezed and her false teeth flew out. I ran them over destroying them. Will my car insurance pay for a new set of dentures for her?

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The answer to this will depend upon the terms of your insurance policy. You may be able to file a claim under your property damage auto insurance policy. The insurance company, however, may question whether you actually caused the damage. Usually property damage policies only cover damage due to your negligence. Although you drove over the dentures, you it doesn’t seem like you could have avoided driving over the dentures under the circumstances. If the insurance company determines that the dentures were damaged because of your neighbor’s actions and not your negligence, it will likely refuse to cover them. Additionally, if the insurance does cover them, you should consider whether the combination of your deductible and any premium increase would be more expensive than just replacing the dentures.

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Author: House Attorney