When Will My Child Support Order Be Terminated?

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In my Texas child support court order, when my daughter was 2-years-old, it stated that I must pay child support until she turns 18-years-old, or graduates from high school. The later of the two will be enforced. My daughter is currently planning on graduating from high school and trying to pass the state TAKS test as part of the requirements to do so. If my daughter fails the TAKS test, but passes the required coursework just before the graduation date of June 2nd and is unable receive her diploma, do I still have to pay child support until she does after June 2nd when she should have graduated?

Based on the information you provided, you will have to pay child support up until the date your daughter graduates from high school or turns 18-years-old (whichever one comes first). If your daughter fails the TAKS test, and it causes her not to graduate, then you will still have to pay child support until she turns 18-years-old or graduates high school. When she is issued a certificate of completion (high school diploma or official transcript that states her graduation status), you may want to file this with the court in a petition to have the order changed so you no longer have to provide support. You can consult with an attorney for legal advice, but that may cost you more in the long run than just waiting a few months until she graduates or turns 18.