Does My Child’s Mother Have to Pay Child Support?

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I am in the process of going through a child support modification. I have sole custody of my daughter and the mother lives out of state and sees her for two weeks a year. I make about 40k a year, and last I knew she made about $11 an hour, which she no longer works now. Due to the fact that she has 4 other children and doesn’t make much to support 5 kids, can she really be ordered to pay nothing? Some calculations I’ve run though the state’s child support calculator show zero. Is it typical that a court will allow her to not support this child? She is now remarried and is supported by her new husband and she also receives child support for the other kids. I realize this is not either fathers responsibility, but it doesn’t sound right that she gets off the hook.

Most family law courts consider several factors (example – parent’s income, supported children, employment status) when awarding child support. Online child support calculators should serve as an estimate and not necessarily the proximate amount a parent will be required to pay under a child support order. You should consult with a local attorney before your child support modification order is modified. An attorney can provide you with a in depth understanding of what factors the court will consider relevant to your particular situation.