What to Do When you Suspect Child Abuse

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“What the the minimum and maximum sentence for child abuse? There was a physical abuse of a girl that I know and I was wondering what the penalties for a child abuse can be. Also, is taking away everything she owns considered abuse or just decipline? She has her cell phone, internet, TV, everything taken away and now she cannot even go outside shopping. I feel that she is being treated like a slave or a criminal due to the fact that she cannot go out with her friends. Aside from the fact that she cannot go out with her friends, I have seen the physical abuse that her dad inflicts upon her and I want to know what can happen to him. Thank you in advance”

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This is a very tricky question. It depends on a great number of facts, as well as the state in which the believed abuse occurs.

Your best bet would be to contact the local department of Child Protection Services; you should be able to find their information online, or in a telephone book.

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