We Bought a Newly Built Home, But now it’s Falling Apart. What Can we Do?

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“We purchased a new home from a buyer/developer. Immediately upon signing the papers our problems began. It started with not completing the punch list to lying about the easements. We lived in the house for 8 months now and have found numerous construction issues. The walls are cracking above all doors, the windows howl at every wind ( we called the window installer out and he told us the window jams are too wide and the windows don’t fit) and now the hard wood floors are actually coming up from the floor. What options do we have short of spending alot of money in the court systems?”

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Short of spending a lot of money on a lawsuit, it depends on the specific laws of your state. Some states have very specific rules and procedures regarding the responsibilities of a builder after a sale. You could consult with a construction attorney to find out what your rights are in this regard, without spending a lot of money on a full-blown lawsuit.

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