Our Recently Bought House has Issues with the Pipes, Do we Have a Claim Against the Sellers?

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“We bought our house last year. Recently we’ve noticed little black flies and we have had a plumber come out. He did a sewer line test and found that the pipe under the house is deteriorating. Our home owners is not covering this since it is under the house and they said that they do not cover detoriation of the pipes. I was just wondering if there is anything that we can do to the sellers, the plumber said that this didn’t happen over night it took years to happen.

Thank you for any advice you can provide.”It certainly would not hurt to consult with a local attorney, just to see what rights you may have in your jurisdiction. However, the most likely claim you would have against the seller is for failure to disclose a known problem with the property. This, of course, would imply being able to prove that the prior owners knew about the problem.

Question: Failure to disclose actions can also potentially implicate other parties, such as the real estate agents, home inspectors, etc. Whether this is the case in your situation would be something to review with your attorney, as well.