My Town is Charging me a Thousand Dollar a Day Fine, Is This Fair?

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“I own a 70 acre parcel of zoned farm land. Which was a farm for 75 years. The town notified me 4 years ago and said that I had to remove my cows from the property because the cows were affecting a near by natural stream I got rid of the cows. Now the town is charging me a 1,000.00 per day fine saying my cows contaminated the stream. Can they do this to us? What about the farms they had all these years elsewhere? I complied when told and am not sure how the cows could have had an effect because they were not near there. and it is a running stream. I feel I am being railroaded into losing my property by these fines. Also the lawyer I hired suddenly became the town lawyer. I appreciate any advice.”

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First, get a new lawyer and make sure that the (new) town lawyer isn’t involved in your case, as it’s an obvious conflict of interest.

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