My Step Child would like me to Adopt her, Does her Choice take Precedence over her Father’s Parental Rights?

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“I have a 14 year old step daughter who wants me to adopt her. Her real father pays support but talks to her seldom and hasn’t seen her in 8 years. I am the only father she remembers to her I am dad. Does this child have any rights or does she have to live with the fact that he said no?”

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It is largely his decision whether or not to give up his parental rights. If she emancipates, and fulfills all the requirements for that, he would not be able to have any say in her future decisions. If he gives up his parental rights, it would be more compelling if you were taking on the parental responsibilities. Of course, the child support would stop. If you don’t need his help, and he will not relinquish his rights, how about just putting aside every dime of support for the girl in an educational trust?

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