My Property Extends Past the Perceived Property Line, What Should I do to Protect Myself and my Property?

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“I live in Maine and have owned a large building for about 4 years which shares a property line with a town park. We have always been aware that our property extends roughly 20′ feet past the perceived boundary marked by a row of boulders (our deed is very specific to our property lines and there are no easements). We have never cared as the Town mowed and maintained this area. Recently the town has started a survey of this property line the surveying company seems to be dragging their feet and is unwilling to talk with me. I believe it is because they were unaware of the actual property lines. My question is should I stake out my property lines before the survey is complete? What should I do to protect myself?”

Question: Probably the best thing to do, if you’re worried, is to get your own survey done. Your opinion will be less weighty than that of a licensed surveyor, but your surveyor versus their surveyor would be an even match.