My Neighbor is Driving on our Road Easement and Harassing me, What Can I Do?

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“This is a easement question. I own half of a easement road the neighbor owns the other half. It’s a 60 foot easement so 30 feet on my side and 30 feet on his side. by 724 feet long The whole length of are properties. the whole road. Three homes drive over our properties this easement . On the deed its state non exclusive easement for ingress and egress. I been having a bad time with a neighbor that drives over my land and the neighbors land, his dogs attacked me on my property and I find him. Now he wont stop driving past my house fast and he will come to a complete stop and peel out right in front of my house on this easement road. Is there any law that will help me on private easement roads with endangerment or damages. I have kids he might go to far. The dog attack is on record .the police wont touch private roads in Washington state. They told me that he has to go out onto the public road. Is this right? I have speed limit signs and a speed pump on a gravel road which we all agreed on even him, so I want to know what I can do by law to stop him ,is this harassment?”

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This isn’t really about the easement per se, it’s about what your neighbor is doing on the easement. I suppose you could make an argument that he is exceeding the scope of the easement by his behaviour, but if you’re going to go ahead and sue him in civil court, I’d guess that actions for nuisance or harassment might be more successful.

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