My Manager Made a Huge Scene and Falsely Accused me of Stealing, Can I Sue him or get him Fired?

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“I was accused of shoplifting by the manager who made a huge scene about it, embarrassed me, and humiliated me. I had proof that the red bull he accused me of stealing was brought else where. But he handled it all wrong he scanned the empty red bull himself and wouldnt believe me when I told him I walked into his store with the can. He did apologize and blame his bad day but I feel he should be FIRED !! I am not a thief and he made me look like one to other customers in the store. This took place 3/31/07 at Publix in Orlando Florida can I sue of get him fired I have already contacted his regional manager.”

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You cannot sue to get him fired, but you may be able to sue Publix for his actions, if they caused you sufficient harm. You should consult a personal injury lawyer about this.

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