My Ex Change the Locks on the Home we Purchased Together, Can she do that If My Name is on the Deed?

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“Me and my fiance purchased a home years ago, I have been out of the house going on two weeks, I was told that the locks has been changed, not allowing me into the home, we have no court order for anything, we live in Florida is this illegal with what she has done, we both are on the deed to the home”You moved out, and she does not want you coming and going at will. You both have a possessory interest in the property, but if you came over and she calls the cops, they’re probably going to tell you to go some place to cool off. She has done nothing illegal, per se.

Question: If the relationship is over, file a real property partition action in civil court (or whatever such is called in Florida) assuming she does not agree to list and sell the property or buy out your interest. If you are holding out hope of reconciliation, respect the boundaries she is trying to set. If you get back together, she’ll give you a copy of the key.