My Child’s Father Put Me in a Coma – Can I Terminate His Parental Rights?

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“I was severely beaten and raped by an ex-boyfriend 3 months after the break up. The beating was so severe that I was in a coma for 4 days. I want to get him to sign away all his rights. Will his name still have to be on the birth certificate? He is now in jail for 25 years and has never seen my daughter. I want the way cleared incase I get married someday and my husband wishes to adopt her.” Thank you for this service.

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Birth Certificate names birth parents. Signing away parental rights will not alter that. Different states have different procedures for terminating parental rights – both voluntary and involuntary procedures. In some states that process is brought forward automatically by certain governmental agencies under some circumstances. In others, the path to termination of parental rights is brought by the parent, such as yourself, for cause. So name on birth certificate is the parent name; termination of parental rights may be an avenue available to you.

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